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Welcome to the Design Mom newsletter, written by me, Gabrielle Stanley Blair — currently living in France, being curious about pretty much everything, writing viral Twitter threads, hosting discussions about current events, and parenting 6 kids, while renovating a house from the 1600s.

What can you expect from this newsletter? My thoughts in response to current events, links to other writings or stories that I find interesting, and whatever else this community is feeling curious about. I’ve felt a call to amplify women’s voices since I can remember, so I’ll be doing that too. The newsletter is free and will be published weekly.

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Writing and creating social media content has been my full-time job for over a decade. I love it and am consistently blown away by how amazing it is to have a platform and community where I can publish what I create and then learn from you through your comments and reactions. Thank you for reading and sharing my work.

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Living in France, writing viral Twitter threads, hosting parenting discussions, and raising 6 kids while renovating a house from the 1600s.